Motivational Speaker In Oman

Motivational Speaker In Oman



Muscat, Oman: There are only a handful of people who can be a best motivational speaker, leadership coach, business trainer, and a specialist in public speaking training in muscat Oman .  Kevin Abdulrahman possess all these skills and then some. As Middle East’s Number 1 Motivational Speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman has consulted and honed the abilities of many professionals on communication, sales, presentation skills, building and leading high performing teams, and the inspiration to get up and go.

A regular visitor to Muscat, this leading motivational conference speaker has worked with many high profile businesses, leaders and team in Oman.

The renowned leadership speaker speaks of Oman as ‘The Silent Giant’, a nation that is improving in leaps and bounds across many sectors, unbeknown to many around the world.


Oman’s Top Sales motivational Speaker



Oman is officially known as the ‘Sultanate of Oman’.  It is located in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman shares its land borders with Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the UAE, and the marine border is connected with Pakistan and Iran. Oman’s oil reserve is 25th largest in the world.  It is a peaceful and high income economy country. Although the economy is quite diversified, more than 60% of Oman’s exports are related to oil and gas. Tourism is the fastest growing industry in this country, and major improvements are being made in the agriculture and manufacturing sector. Muscat is the capital of Oman and the main trade hub of this region. The monarch of Oman has made a strong point of promoting tourism in the region by making it easier and accessible to foreigners. Educational institutes are very important, and the government has invested considerable amount of funds in this sector as well. Sultan Qaboos University is the first and oldest university of Oman, but the fastest growing university is considered to be The University of Nizwa. The healthcare and medical sector has also improved dramatically.


Oman’s Motivational Keynote Speaker



Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the top 10 motivational speakers oman and has worked with, trained and delivered his leadership keynote speeches to many professionals, teams, senior execs, leadership teams and their CEOs across five continents.

If you are planning a business event, conference or convention at the Chedi Muscat, Radisson Blu Hotel, Crowne Plaza or any other venue in Muscat, Oman, Kevin Abdulrahman is ‘The Motivational Speaker’ who will help make your event a Huge Success.

When you work with a professional and experienced international conference speaker, you have the assurance and absolute peace of mind.


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Facilities for conferences and Events in Muscat


  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Resort
  • Salalah Rotana Resort
  • InterContinental Hotel Muscat
  • Hilton Salalah
  • Millennium Resort Mussanah
  • Midan Hotel Suites
  • Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa-Al Husn
  • Hotel Muscat Holiday
  • The Chedi Muscat
  • Other exciting conference places in Muscat


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General Information about Muscat, Oman


Muscat is the capital and largest city of Oman. It’s the main trade hub of this country, Muscat’s economy is based on general trading, petroleum and related products.  During the past couple of decades Oman has seen fast infrastructural development, which has led to a multi-ethnic society and dynamic economy. The primary exports of Muscat are fish, pearls and dates. Many international petroleum firms such as Total, Partex and Shell operate in Muscat in collaboration with the Petroleum Development of Oman. Suhail Bahwan Group is one of Oman’s largest trading firm, located in Muscat, and this firm has leading international partners such as HP, General Motors, Seiko, Toshiba and Subaru.  Other major conglomerates located in Muscat are Amtek, Galfar Engineering and Ck Industries. Oman Air is also headquartered in this city at the Muscat International Airport.

With the presence of people, the ambition to grow, a competitive landscape and the world flattening, training, engaging and inspiring professionals to step up and achieve is Paramount in Muscat.  This is where a powerful business keynote speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman makes the difference.

Kevin Abdulrahman loves the Omanis for their warm hospitality they have always shown him.


Leadership Speaker in Muscat Oman



Food, Entertainment and Leisure in Muscat


If you are in Muscat, you will be stunned by the view of the city from ‘The Muttrah Corniche’ at night. The weather gets warm in the winter and very hot in the summer.  Most of the rainfall occurs from December to April. There are many museums, parks and cool shopping malls located in Muscat.

You must make time to experience ‘The Royal Opera House’, located in the Shati Al-Qurm area of Muscat. The city’s notable landmarks are Muscat Clock Tower, Al Alam Palace and Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

The Omani cuisine is an interesting combination of several Asian food staples.  Most dishes contain lamb, fish, chicken, rice, herbs, marinades and spices. You should try Shuwa, Sakhana, Harees, Mashuai and Harees.


Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Muscat


Muscat’s key sectors are trade, construction, tourism, processing and manufacturing of metals such as aluminum, and oil. Every year Muscat hosts many exhibitions and business conventions.  Some of the events being:

  • International Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference
  • IDF Oman
  • The BIG Show Muscat
  • International Education Middle East EXPO Roadshow
  • Global Property Show
  • Oman Energy and Water Exhibition and Conference
  • Middle East Transport and Logistics Expo and Conference
  • Oman EPC Projects Conference
  • OGWA Oil and Gas West Asia
  • International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management
  • International Conference on Economics and Business Research


Kevin Abdulrahman is a leadership and motivational speaker with a very strong presence in the Middle East.  If you are looking for an international motivational speaker who can deliver a powerful keynote, The Man Inspiring Millions should be your first choice.

Please note, that as a powerful speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman can also help Emcee (MC)/Host your business event ensuring that it is memorable and has the high you need from Start to finish.


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