Motivational Speaker in Nigeria (Lagos & Kano)

Motivational Speaker in Nigeria (Lagos & Kano)

Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman is better known as ‘The Man Inspiring Millions’,  He is renowned as one of the best motivational speakers in Africa.  He deliver keynote speeches, half day workshops and full day seminars in Nigeria’s major cities.  He is a sales trainer, keynote and business speaker, leadership coach and an inspiring motivational speaker. He believes that Nigeria is the rising star of Africa.

It is often referred to as the Giant of Africa due to its growing economy and large population.


Nigeria‘s top sales motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman



Nigeria is the seventh most populous country in the world.  It enjoys massive ethnic diversity.  Nigeria is often viewed as a multinational state. Kevin Abdulrahman has trained hundreds of key corporate heads and leaders about public speaking, sales, communication and leadership skills and motivation. If you are planning a business meeting or a conference at the the Wheatbaker in Lagos, Central Hotel in Kano, Portea Hotel Leadway in Lagos or any other business and convention center in the Nigerian cities of Kano or Lagos, Kevin Abdulrahman is the type of inspirational and motivational speaker who will deliver the vitality, oomph and the vigor for your audience to shine and succeed.



As a sales and motivational speaker of the highest aptitude, Kevin Abdulrahman’s aim is to always encourage, stimulate, stir and electrify people to take concrete actions towards their objectives.


Motivational Speaker in Nigeria


Action is the key to success, but we all need that push and motivation from time to time, that’s where Kevin Abdulrahman, a motivational keynote speaker comes in.


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Conference and Meeting Facilities in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Best Western Plus
  • The Federal Palace Hotel
  • The Blowfish Hotel
  • Planet One Hotel and Wellness
  • Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Intercontinental Lagos
  • Other exciting conference places in Lagos


Conference and Meeting Facilities in Kano, Nigeria

  • Central Hotel
  • Prince Hotel
  • Sultanate Suites
  • Burj Al-Kano Hotel
  • Other exciting conference places in Kano


General Information about Lagos and Kano, Nigeria


Lagos is the second fastest growing city of Africa, and it’s now the financial center of Nigeria. The central business district is characterized by high rise buildings and major wholesale markets. Many international corporations have set up offices in this city and the future looks quite bright here. Lagos also has Africa’s largest sea port, so import/export is a major business here.



Kano, the most populous city of Nigeria is also the commercial center of this country. Kano’s infrastructure has improved quite a lot and the government is working on major transport structure improvement programs in order attract more foreign investment. The city enjoys natural strategic location, Niger, Republic of Benin and Chad are easily accessible via road and that is why Kano is known as the commercial hub of sub Saharan Africa.


Food, Entertainment and Leisure


If you love music then you will certainly enjoy Lagos, famous for its hip hop music scene throughout Africa. Do visit the national arts theatre and get a taste of Nollywood. Football and cycling are quite popular here.  You will surely bump into an enthusiastic cyclist or footballer. Do visit the Lekki and Bar beach.  It’s sandy, sunny and fun.  For food lovers, you’ve got to try Suya which is the local variation of spicy roasted beef, and Egusi, known as melon soup in the west.

Every year the city of Kano hosts the Durbar Festival, decoratively dressed horsemen pass though the city to the Emir’s palace.  Each group of horseman represent a village. A must see event!


Places & Festivals in Lagos

  • Eleko, Badagry, Alpha, Lekki and the Bar Beach
  • Eyo Festival, Eko International Film Festival and The Lagos Jazz Series
  • The Tawafa Balewa Square, The Remembrance Arcade and Festac Town
  • Lekki Market, Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall and The National Museum


Places & Festivals in Kano

  • Durbar Festival
  • Emir’s Palace, Gidan Dan Hausa and Gidan Makama Museum
  • Kurmi Market, Dala Hill and Central Mosque


Motivational Speaker Nigeria

Motivational Speaker KanoMotivational Speaker Lagos









Past Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Nigeria


This country is fast becoming the economic center of Africa.  Every year Lagos and Kano host many conventions, exhibitions and seminars.  Some of the past business events include:

  • African Social Media Conference, Lagos
  • Efficiency and Performance Improvement Workshop, Kano
  • Leadership for the Future Workplace, Lagos
  • Growing Distribution Channels Effectively, Kano
  • Science and Health Exhibition
  • Technology in Education
  • Lagos International Trade Fair
  • Work Ethics and Organizational Productivity Workshop, Kano

Kevin Abdulrahman, one of the worlds’s recognized conference and motivational speaker, is available to stimulate your audience and help you have a box office hit of an event.

If you are attending or holding a business event and want a charged-up motivational session, get in touch with our inspiring business speaker to help motivate and stimulate you in the Nigerian cities of Lagos or Kano.

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