Motivational Speaker in Manama, Bahrain

Motivational Speaker in Manama Bahrain

Bahrain Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman

Bahrain’s Best Motivational Keynote Speaker – The Man Inspiring Millions.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a leading motivational speaker and specialist in public speaking training in manama that has worked with leading government departments and companies in the GCC, including Bahrain.

Motivational Speaker Bahrain

As a motivational speaker who regularly circuits Bahrain, Kevin Abdulrahman says the country is a great environment for businesses and startups. It’s a safe Arab country that has over the years witnessed high growth in banking, manufacturing and the IT sector.


Bahrain’s top sales motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman

Bahrain or officially known as the ‘Kingdom of Bahrain’ is an archipelago with the Bahrain Island being its largest land mass, Saudi Arabia lies to the west and Qatar is located southeast of Bahrain. The ancient Dilmum civilization started right here in Bahrain. This country was famous in the 19th century for its pearl fisheries, which were considered to be the best in the world. Today Bahraini pearls are still known all over the world for their exquisite quality.

Bahrain is known for its tourism and banking sector. Manama, the capital, is home to many financial structures and is a high income economy. Kevin Abdulrahman, a leading business speaker has trained many business owners and leaders on the pertinent topics of business ethics, developing superior communication skills, enhancing sales strategies, public speaking, leadership from within, and the type of motivation that inspires Action.

If you are planning a business meeting or conference at Sofitel, Movenpick Hotel Bahrain, The Ritz-Carlton or any other convention center in Bahrain, Kevin Abdulrahman is ‘The Keynote Speaker’ who will arm you with the skills to succeed in business.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s aim is to inspire, stimulate, and engage people to start taking actions towards their business goals, and the ability to successfully motivate is the hallmark of this exceptional motivational speaker.


Bahrain’s Number 1 Motivational Keynote Speaker- The Audience Say It All


Motivational Speaker in Bahrain

Facilities in Manama Bahrain to conduct your teams kick off events, transformative motivational sessions and quarterly conferences

* EliteCrystalHotel

* InterContinental Regency

* The Ritz-Carlton

* The K Hotel, Manama

* Ramada Bahrain

* ART Rotana

* Le Méridien Bahrain City Centre

* Other exciting conference places in Manama


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General Information about Manama, Bahrain

Manama, also known as Al Manama is the capital of Bahrain. It has been the trading center of Bahrain for many years now and modern day Manama is an important financial hub of the Middle East. In 2012 the Arab League crowned Manama as ‘The Capital of Arab Culture.’ The main industries of this city are Islamic banking, petroleum (still the mainstay of the Bahraini economy), ship repair, aluminum smelting, finance and tourism. Manama is a modern Arab country with a diverse population, huge shopping malls, beautiful architecture, F1 race track, parks, entertainment for all ages and important small local industries. In addition, Manama also has the country’s sea port.

The capital and the country is driven by growth, and a result, numerous business events and conferences are held. A top motivational speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman can help host your event, start it off with a BANG or help ensure that your audience walk out with your message. More importantly, they will Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!


Food, Entertainment and Leisure in Manama

If you are in a modern and westernized Arab city, you should explore it as much as you to gain valuable insight and experience. This city has been known for ages for the production of stunning pearls. Manama usually has an arid climate but also experiences brief bouts of extreme climatic conditions.

Manama is first and foremost a safe haven. It attracts a large number of tourists, foreigners, families and major foreign investments on a regular basis. The Bahrain International Circuit attracts thousands of people every year, it’s a modern motor-sport circuit for Grand Prix races. The BIC has also hosted the Formula 1 races many times.

If you are in Manama, you have to try the traditional seafood which mostly comprises of crabs, prawns, Tuna and Crayfish cooked in eastern spices. Do try the Tabbouleh, a Bahraini salad made of lemon, tomatoes, garlic and parsley.



Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Bahrain

The country now houses the best financial, construction and Islamic banking sector of the region. Every year Bahrain hosts numerous seminars, exhibitions and business conventions, some of which include:

* Bahrain International Airshow

* The Autumn Fair Manama

* Gulf International Industry Fair

* Gulf Expo

* Gulf Property Show

* Gulf BID

* Arabian MEP

* Food and Hospitality Expo

* Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference

* Energy Management Conference and Exhibition

Kevin Abdulrahman, a results-oriented leadership speaker with global presence. He is available to inspire and super-charge your attendees at your next event, tradeshow and conference.



After business, conferences and having been through motivational keynotes delivered by Kevin Abdulrahman, you and your people should enjoy the hybrid culture of Bahrain, especially the colorful city of Manama.

Some of the must-visit places are The Bahrain National Museum, Tree of Life, Bahrain Fort, Pearl Monument, Al Areen Wildlife Park, United Twisting Tower, Barbar Temple,

A’ali Burial Mounds, Bahrain International Circuit and The Bahrain World Trade Center, (world’s first building to incorporate wind turbines in the structure).

In addition, you can enjoy fishing, water-sports and shopping malls, The Lost Paradise of Dilum, go-cart racing or local hand-craft shops is another set of options . In the evening you can enjoy a relaxing walk by the sea, eat delicious seafood, visit a theater or go to Manama’s cool night clubs.

If you are planning a corporate convention and want an electric motivational session for your attendees, our inspirational speaker will invigorate, inspire, energize and stimulate you in the beautiful country of Bahrain.


Your audience will Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!


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