Motivational Speaker In Kuwait


Motivational Speaker in Kuwait



Kevin Abdulrahman is a top notch motivational speaker, sales trainer, youth speaker, leadership coach, a best conference speaker and specialist in public speaking training in Kuwait.  Have delivered over 3000+ keynotes, training and sessions he is one of the most sought after leadership and inspirational speaker in the world today.

The Man Inspiring Millions has the face, education, attitude and global experience that connects him with the Kuwaiti audience.  They really hear him and connect on a mental and emotional level.

This means that when this motivational & leadership speaker delivers his message, you can be assured that it gets delivered with Impact.

Kevin Abdulrahman considers Kuwait to be a leading country within the GCC with immense potential for business growth.  Kuwait’s currency is already on top of the world and the country has witnessed extraordinary growth in petroleum and fertilizer products.


Kuwait’s top motivational keynote speaker Kevin Abdulrahman



Kuwait or officially known as the ‘State of Kuwait’ is a country located in Western Asia.  Kuwait shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  More than 50% of its population is comprised of expatriates which is a good indicator of Kuwait’s economic potential and growth.

The Kuwaiti dinar is still the highest valued currency in the world.  The oil reserves are the sixth largest globally and over 90% of the economy is based on the export of oil based products.  Manufacturing and export of fertilizers also contributes to the country’s economic growth, and the IT sector is fast catching up with the rest of the world.

Kevin Abdulrahman, one of the top 10 motivaitonal speakers kuwait has inspired and trained leaders of large corporations and government agencies in the areas of business strategy, communication skills, sales processes, public speaking, the future of leadership and motivation to take action.

If you are planning a business event or conference at Hilton Kuwait Resort, the Sheraton, Movenpick Hotel or any other convention center in Kuwait, Kevin Abdulrahman is ‘The Inspirational Speaker’ to count on in order to make sure you start and finish your event on a high.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s intent is to support, stimulate, and invigorate professionals to start taking actions towards their objectives, and the capability to create lasting motivation is the trade mark of this extraordinary leadership speaker.


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Conference and Meeting Facilities in Kuwait


  • Movenpick Hotel Kuwait
  • Al Manshar Rotana Hotel
  • Sheraton Kuwait Hotel and Towers
  • Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa
  • JW Marriot Hotel Kuwait City
  • Symphony Style Hotel
  • The Convention Center and Royal Suites
  • Safir Hotel and Residences Kuwait
  • Other exciting conference and meeting places in Kuwait


Top Sales Motivational Speaker in Kuwait



A bit more about Kuwait City


Kuwait City is the largest city and capital of Kuwait. It is the country’s economic, political and cultural center.  Kuwait City is fast becoming a major metropolitan city, and it’s often referred to as a ‘global city.’

Kuwait International Airport and two sea ports namely, Ahmadi and Shuwaik ports serve the city’s transportation and trade requirements.

Kuwait City is situated on Kuwait Bay which is a natural deep water harbor. Almost 90% of Kuwait’s population resides in this area. The beautiful Kuwait Towers built in 1979 is the city’s most famous landmark.  Kuwait City also has the stunning Al Hamra Tower, the tallest sculpted tower in the world. The city is surrounded by hot desert and as a consequence Kuwait City has a hot climate during summers .

The oil industry has stimulated fishery development, trade and service industries.  Kuwait also produces and exports cement, limesalt, sand, gravel, chlorine, caustic soda, clay products and fertilizers. Kuwait Entertainment City is a huge amusement park similar to parks in the United States. During the past couple of decades Kuwait has grown rapidly and many large international corporations have invested in Kuwait City.

With every leading private company and government department wanting to excel, comes a need to develop their people.  When leading groups want a successful quarterly business kick off, event or conference, they prefer to have a motivational speaker that can guarantee the desired results.  They call for the best motivational speaker in the GCC.  They call for Kevin Abdulrahman.


Kuwait keynote speakerKuwait inspirational speakerKuwait Motivational Speaker


Food, Entertainment and Leisure in Kuwait City


Kuwait City is a modern metropolis.  This city has been known for ages for its efficient trade lines and oil based products. Kuwait City is usually hot and experiences sand storms, locally known as ‘Shamal Winds.’

Kuwait City is known for its massive shopping malls that stay open late. Imagine ice skating in a hot desert, you can do that at the ice skating rink located near the first ring road in Kuwait City.

The Kuwaiti cuisine is a unique blend of Persian, Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine. Do try the ‘Machboos’ which is made with Basmati rice, chicken, mutton, fish, eggs spices and vegetables, wholesome, isn’t it? Seafood is an integral part of this culture, the three popular local species of fish are Safi or Rabbit-fish, Sobaity or Bream and Hamour also known to the rest of the world as Grouper. Seafood is usually grilled, fried or served with tasty rice. Booom.


Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Kuwait

Every year Kuwait hosts countless conventions, exhibitions and trade shows.  Some of the highlighted events are as follows:

  • HORECA Kuwait
  • InfoConnect
  • Gulf Expo Kuwait City
  • Kuwaiti International Defense Exhibition and Conference
  • Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and Conference
  • The Big 5
  • International Education Middle East Expo Kuwait City
  • Food Exhibition
  • Real Estate and Investment Exhibition


Kevin Abdulrahman is a goal-oriented sales motivational speaker with international presence.  He is available to help raise the energy of your event in Kuwait on limited dates.

Whether it’s to host the entire event, or provide you with a powerful open and closing ceremony, your audience will Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!


After you conclude your business, conferences and motivational keynotes, you can enjoy the unique culture of Kuwait. Some of the must-visit places are The Avenues, Grand Mosque, Soul Al-Mubarakiya, Mirror House, Kuwait Towers, 360 Mall, Magic Planet Kuwait, Al Kout Beach, Souk Sharq, Car Museum, Alhamra Tower and Mall, Kuwaiti Maritime Museum and Aqua Park.

In addition, you must visit the Entertainment City and the Failaka Island. In the evening you can enjoy a relaxing walk by Al Kout beach, eat appetizing seafood, visit a sheesha bar, watch a movie or go on a shopping spree

Don’t put your next convention or business event at risk? Get the region’s top motivational speaker to handle and raise the roof of your event.  Our business speaker Kevin Abdulrahman will stimulate, inspire and energize you in the beautiful Kuwait City.


Your audience will Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!


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