Work with Kevin Abdulrahman

Work with Kevin Abdulrahman

So you want to work with Kevin Abdulrahman?

First of all, we are looking for heart.

If you have that, you’ve got a foot in the door.  We want people who truly desire to make a positive impact and leave a legacy.  We love attitude of heart.

Secondly, we are looking for talented individuals who can help us with the movement of wanting to reach over a billion people, helping them Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

So the questions you need to think about (because that’s what we will be thinking when hearing from you) are

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What can you bring to the table?
  3. How can you add value to the group?

Once you have answered the above three, you then need to bring it.

Do more than just telling us.  Show us what you got.

If you are a great designer, take something we have and send us a sample of what you can do with it.

If you are a marketer, show us an example of your idea and abilities.

If you are a social media expert, awaken us.

Whatever it is you can bring to the table, nothing will speak louder than an actual example.  If it catches Kevin Abdulrahman’s eye, you will hear from him personally.

Once you have done the above, drop us a line.

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