Motivational Speaker in Jeddah, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Motivational Speaker in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Do you have a business event coming up in Jeddah?

Are you planning to have a conference and want a motivational speaker who will guarantee the success of your event in Jeddah?

As well as being a sought after leadership coach to some of the world’s most prominent figures, The Man Inspiring Millions is considered one of the best skilled sales trainers, youth speaker, business keynote speaker, top motivational speaker and specialist in public speaking training in jeddah.  Having conducted over 3000+ trainings across five continents, many companies and government departments call for Kevin Abdulrahman when they are looking for an arab motivational speaker to help their audience Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

As a busy conference speaker who speaks to and consults various professionals from sales forces, to CEOs, young entrepreneurs to business titans, Kevin Abdulrahman believes that Saudi Arabia is the ‘giant’ of the Arab world

The country is an oil producing country that is now one of the richest states of the world. Saudi Arabia is leading the region in petrochemicals, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, finance, banking, construction and IT sector.


Jeddah’s Top Sales Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman


Saudi Arabia or officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA).  It is located in Western Asia, geographically it is the second largest state in the Arab world.  KSA is bordered by Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE and Yemen. The world knows KSA as a gigantic oil producer and exporter.  As a country, Saudi Arabia ranks quite high in income economy and human development index, military research funding which is an integral part of this state, ranking fourth in the world when it comes to military expenditures.

Today the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become a power house for financial, construction and manufacturing institutions.

Kevin Abdulrahman, a leading leadership, motivational and business speaker who has consulted and trained many CEOs and leaders on leadership, sales strategies, effective business administration, communication skills, public speaking, developing high performing teams and motivation. If you are planning a conference or meeting in Jeddah Hilton Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Rosewood Jeddah or any other convention center in Jeddah, Kevin Abdulrahman is ‘The Motivational Speaker’ who will charge your teams, teaching them unique business-boosting skills.


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Kevin Abdulrahman’s main goal is to improve, stimulate, and inspire your employees and teams to execute ideas that other people only dream of doing.  As an inspirational motivational speaker who connects with the people from Jeddah, Kevin Abdulrahman has the ability to inspire your teams to Action.

Knowledge, Drive and daily motivation are key requirements for any government depart or business team to thrive, that’s where Kevin Abdulrahman, an inspirational speaker comes in. Action is the key to success, take action now!


Do you have a business conference or corporate event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia?

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 Facilities in Jeddah, KSA available to hold your business conference and events:

  • Park Hyatt
  • InterContinental Hotel
  • Movenpick Resorts Al Nawras
  • Crowne Plaza Jeddah
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Rosewood Jeddah
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Jeddah Hilton Hotel
  • Other business centers in Jeddah


More about Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is the second largest city and it was named a ‘Gamma World City’ by GaWC. This city is located in Makkah province and  has the largest sea port on the Red Sea. Jeddah is now focusing and investing heavily on scientific and engineering industries, leadership and research, it’s considered to be 4th most innovative city in the Middle East and African region. Jeddah houses the best universities in the Kingdom that do advanced scientific research and development. Tourists claim that it’s the most ‘open’ city in all of Saudi Arabia. The skyline of Jeddah downtown is stunning with many high rise building, world class hotels and gigantic shopping malls. The major sea port makes this city the commercial capital of KSA. Many international firms have offices here and in recent years there’s been a record increase in entrepreneurship, job prospects are very good but you need a work permit to get employed.

Learn more about the many business possibilities in Jeddah with Kevin Abdulrahman, the business speaker.


Food, Entertainment and Leisure in Jeddah

Jeddah offers many prospects to businessmen and entrepreneurs, you aim should be to meet people and organizations, explore the city as much as you can so that you develop a solid network and learn more about the local ways of business. The first and second industrial city of Jeddah has some of the best engineering and scientific industries, the newly built third industrial city of Jeddah is located 50km from the city center and cover an area of 10 million square meters. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a world-ranked and the country’s leading engineering and Research University, they have a strong commitment and desire to implement renewable energy solutions through out KSA. Jeddah Tower when completed in 2020 will become the tallest structure in the world. The weather here is hot and arid even in winters, rainfall is sparse and occurs mostly in November and December. If you love seafood, you will fall in love with Jeddah, the locals love fast food, you have to try the chicken from Al Baik, KSA’s largest fast food chain.


Motivational Speaker At Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Jeddah

Here’s an example of how this leading motivational speaker can tell a story, share an analogy or use of many of his techniques to help your audience in Jeddah, Get Inspired.



Jeddah houses some of the best engineering, construction, research and manufacturing firms.  Every year KSA hosts many trade shows, exhibitions and business conventions, some of them being:

  • Saudi Print
  • Automechanika Jeddah
  • MACHINEX Arabia
  • Saudi Building and Interiors Exhibition
  • Cityscape Jeddah
  • FIDIC Contract and Claims Management
  • IT Security Roadshow
  • Learning and Technology Conference
  • GCC Environment Forum
  • Saudi Transtec
  • Jeddah International Trade Fair
  • Saudi Food, Hotel and Hospitality Arabia 2016


Kevin Abdulrahman is a conference speaker with worldwide presence, and is available on limited dates to work with you at your upcoming event. After all, you are making an investment in your event.  Make sure you hire the best motivational speaker in Jeddah and let your people experience a world class speaker.


Sightseeing in Jeddah

After your business event, networking and inspirational keynotes and sessions come to a close, should enjoy and feel the ambitious city of Jeddah. There’s quite a lot of things to do and see.  You can visit King’s Fountain, Fakieh Aquarium, Al Tayebat International City, Gallery One, Al Salam Mall, Aziz Mall, Red Sea Mall, Balad, Floating Mosque, Biet Nassif, Old Coral Houses, Bab Makkah Gate and Beautiful Creatures Zoo.

You can also go scuba diving, snorkeling, bowling or go-carting.  In the evening enjoy a long a relaxing walk on silver sands beach or Jeddah Corniche. Another interesting thing to see in Jeddah is the ‘world’s tallest unsupported flagpole’ on Andauls street.

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