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Having Kevin Abdulrahman as your guest speaker?

Now that you have decided to have Kevin Abdulrahman as a guest speaker for your conference, we would like to help and make sure you have a successful event.



Kevin Abdulrahman has hundreds of published articles.

Tell us about the theme and objectives. Our team can shoot you through a few articles to reprint/publish in your local newspapers, magazines or blogs.



Media appearances and plug-ins for maximum pre-event coverage.

Even though he is regularly travelling to different locations, as your guest speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman will commit to helping you with as many media appearances as possible- from radio interviews over the phone right through to arriving early and straight onto a TV set. Anything that can help your event achieve greater publicity.



Maximize the presence of Kevin Abdulrahman as your guest speaker beyond the event through Merchandizing, Licensing and Book Deals.

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The Benefits many groups see in their people (and even clientele) is a surge in results by way of:

1. Achieving and Surpassing their Targets
2. Developing a Winning Mind
3. Becoming Empowered and Motivated
4. Enhancing Ownership and Accountability
5. Creating Leadership From Within
6. Instigating Creativity and Innovation
7. Creating a Winning Team Culture
8. Accepting, Adapting & Anticipating Change

We believe that the above would be of significance for your group.

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The same is applicable to creating different lines of merchandize that we could potentially collaborate with your group to include one of Kevin’s powerful and inspirational quotes (we have done pens, wrist bands, diaries, office stationary, calendars and even coffee stencils). Anything you can think of that can become a whole lot more powerful with a Moving, Inspiring, Engaging and Relevant quote from a powerful
inspirational guest speakers like Kevin Abdulrahman.

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