Conference Speaker

With thousands of conferences and events taking place across the globe, how are you standing out in the mind of your audience?

How are you ensuring that your message is delivered?

How are you engaging your audience?

The conference agenda you have may entail important points.

Your conference might in reality deal with pertinant but boring topics.

But the reality for you is a simple one.  A lot of time, money and resources is spent organizing conferences and events.  And the last thing you would want is to have your audience to eager and excited about ‘lunch’.




Event Planners and Conference Organizers call for Kevin Abdulrahman as a Professional Conference Speaker Dubai when they want to ensure that they have an their desired message delivered with Impact to an audience that is ‘Engaged’ and mentally ‘In the room’.

Conference Leadership Speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman

Looking for a Keynote Speaker for your corporate conference or public sector event?

Perhaps an after dinner speaker, conference presenter, facilitator or award host?

You’ve landed on the right conference speaker.

To the untrained eye, all conferences are the same. But as an experienced conference speaker Abu Dhabi, Kevin Abdulrahman knows that every conference is subtly different. As a renowned conference speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman has been involved, spoken at and chaired over a 1000 conferences- A priceless experience that could is an added value in setting your conference up for success.

Our mission is to ensure you have a smooth and successful conference. We want you to achieve a great return on your investment.

We recommend that you contact us to discuss more about your conference, expectations, the audience who will be present, and how you envision things to flow from start to finish.

Note: Kevin Abdulrahman is an easy to work with Conference speaker with minimal pre-event logistics. We have an experienced in-house support team which means that you can deal with us as a one-stop shop.

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