Motivational Speaker Abu Dhabi, UAE

Motivational Speaker Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Motivational Speaker Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Best Motivational Keynote Speaker – Kevin Abdulrahman.

The Man Inspiring Millions is a favorite with the audience in Abu Dhabi, and across the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi Motivational Speaker


Motivational Keynote Speaker Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi’s leading motivational speaker is renowned and regarded as Middle East’s Best Motivational Speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman is a top inspirational speaker, business trainer, sales speaker, leadership coach to powerful personalities and a public speaking coach to CEOs and Royalties.  His artistry to inspire people around the world has earned him the title, ‘The Man Inspiring Millions’. The UAE is Kevin Abdulrahman’s favorite Middle Eastern state; he believes that this country is a rich and diversified economy of the region, which makes it a haven for growth, development and bringing great minds together


Abu Dhabi’s Top Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) consists of seven emirates.  Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain and Sharjah. This highly progressive country is located in the southeast of the Arabian Gulf;

Abu Dhabi is an advanced metropolis.  It accounts for two thirds of the UAE’s economy. Although the UAE’s economy is still based primarily on export of oil and gas, the government has established many free zones and made it quite easy for foreign investors to work and start a business here, new manufacturing and construction projects are started on a daily basis, which makes UAE the most prosperous state in the Middle East.


U.A.E Motivational Speaker


Abu Dhabi’s Leading Sales Motivational Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman



Kevin Abdulrahman has consulted many leaders and business people of this region.  As a renowned leadership speaker and public speaking training Abu Dhabi specialist he has trained private companies and government agencies to enhance their customer service, implement unique sales strategies, develop their communication skills, sharpen their public speaking abilities, implement business tactics, cultivate leadership, and bring out motivation to execute. If you are planning a conference or meeting at Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Crowne Plaza Hotel, The St. Regis, Emirates Palace or any other five star venue Abu Dhabi, UAE, Kevin Abdulrahman is on of the top ten motivational speakers in Abu Dhabi who will engage, train and inspire your people to achieve results.


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Facilities for Your Company Conference, Seminars and workshops in Abu Dhabi


  • Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel
  • Emirates Palace
  • The St. Regis Abu Dhabi
  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi
  • Park Hyatt Hotel and Villas
  • Hyatt Capital Gate
  • Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa
  • Other exciting conference places in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi Inspirational Speaker Abu Dhabi Leadership Speaker Abu Dhabi Motivational Speaker


General Information about Abu Dhabi, UAE


Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city of the UAE. This city is the center of the UAE’s industrial and political activities, and a prominent commercial and cultural hub. Interestingly, Abu Dhabi owns more than 90% of UAE’s oil and gas reserves, and is the largest oil producer in the United Arab Emirates. Another fact being that Abu Dhabi holds 5% of natural gas and 9% of oil reserves of the whole world.

The emirate extracts, processes, self-consumes and exports the region’s oil and gas, but recently the government has focused more on natural gas extraction because of increasing local power consumption and desalination. The interest and attention to retail, tourism and real estate sector has increased many folds, which can be witnessed when visiting the city. The UAE has taken many steps to reduce its reliance on the hydrocarbon sector, with free zones such as twofour54 Abu Dhabi media free zone and Industrial City of Abu Dhabi are proof of these initiatives.  Two more free zones are in the pipeline.

As a growing city, both the government and private sector require training and development of their professionals. Hiring a renowned motivational speaker and trainer as Kevin Abdulrahman ensures that you are getting cutting edge thoughts and applicable techniques relevant to today’s world.


Abu Dhabi’s Motivational Keynote Speaker in the United Arab Emirates


Food, Entertainment and Leisure in Abu Dhabi


If you are in Abu Dhabi, you have to discover and network as much as you can.  Opportunities are countless in this city.  Imagine an advanced metropolis by the sea, that’s Abu Dhabi. You will be amazed by ‘Ferrari World ‘ and the city’s futuristic skyline from Abu Dhabi Corniche. You can expect sunny blue skies throughout the year.  Sand storms during summers and slight fog during winters is common.

The emirate takes tourism seriously, and they have built stunning amusement parks, centers for sports and leisure activities, and massive shopping malls where you’ll find anything you want. The city’s famous landmarks, the Emirates Palace Hotel and Etihad Towers were used as filming locations for the block buster movie Fast and Furious 7.

Abu Dhabi’s cuisine uses ingredients and exotic spices from Arabia and Asia. Dried fruits, nuts, turmeric, saffron and cinnamon are integral part of most dishes. Do try Al Majboos, Al Harees and Al Madrooba which is a tasty mix of spices, salted fish and sauce, usually served with rice.


Business Conventions and Exhibitions in UAE


Abu Dhabi’s focus-sectors are tourism, education, construction, real estate, retail and hydrocarbon related manufacturing. Many international IT firms are also operating in the Middle East from this city. Every year Abu Dhabi hosts many trade shows, exhibitions and business conventions, some of the events are as follows:

  • Power-Gen Middle East
  • ECOCITY World Summit
  • World Future Energy Summit
  • Big Boys Toys
  • E-Crime Abu Dhabi
  • Air Expo
  • Sustainable Living Expo
  • Occupational Safety and Health Middle East
  • ADIPEC – The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and seminar


Kevin Abdulrahman is a motivational conference speaker with a strong presence in the Middle East. He is available on limited dates to motivate, educate and train your people to help take your results to the next level.


Abu Dhabi’s Inpirational Speaker in the United Arab Emirates


After you are finished with your business trainings, workshops, seminars and inspirational keynotes, you should enjoy the modern city of Abu Dhabi. There’s a lot to see and do here.  Some of the must-visit places are Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Al-Hosn Palace(Old Fort), Emirates Park Zoo, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Lulu Island, Emirates National Auto Museum, Saadiyat Island, Marina Mall, Yas Island, Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi Mall, Sheikh Khalifa Park, Jebel Hafeet and Al Wahda Mall.

You can also go for a tour of the city, enjoy ice-skating at the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink, visit Al Ain Camel Market or enjoy a night out at the Arabia Nights Village.

If you are holding a business meeting and want a motivational host to give you a powerful start and close, or are holding a convention where you require a motivational keynote speech, reach out to us to book Middle East’s most loved and requested Motivational Speaker- The Man Inspiring Millions.


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Abu Dhabi's Best Motivational Keynote Speaker - Kevin Abdulrahman. The Man Inspiring Millions is a favorite with the audience in Abu Dhabi & Across The United Arab Emirates For Business Events, Annual Conferences & Sales Conventions.
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