You Just Don’t Stop

It had been a few months since we had last spoke.  I picked my usual drink and ushered myself to one of the seats at this cafe with a bunch of newspapers to skim through.  The barista was finishing off his lunch break when noticed one another.  He came over and I asked him how things were going for him.  I recalled that when we spoke last, he was searching for a breakthrough into a career of nursing.

“I tried, but didn’t get through” he said.

My immediate thought and question to him was, “and?”

I didn’t get connected with the person whose name you had written, and so…. (His voice diminishing into an awkward silence)

As he ran out of words to justify his (nonexistent) reason, all that kept flashing in my mind were the words ‘You just don’t stop’

And so being the person who speaks his mind, I gave my barista friend a piece of it.

Dude, “You just don’t stop.  You just DON’T stop”

Speak to any winners, and they will tell you that this rings true for them.  They got what they wanted in life because they simply chose to never stop

Everyone faces blocks, challenges and failures.  There is nothing special about my barista friend, you, me or anyone out there facing tough times.

But winners just don’t stop. They go on and on and on (for however long they need to).

If you want something bad enough, then you just don’t stop.

So what if you are faced with a brick wall?

So what if you come across a dead end?

So what if you walked down the wrong path so far?

It doesn’t matter

You just don’t stop because you have your goal in mind. It is your chosen destination. That is your end point.  No other!

Winners never give up short of their goal.  They just don’t stop. They can’t. They won’t.

You shouldn’t either.

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