Winners Are Doers

winners are doers

Have you noticed how some people? Every moment they get, they will complain to you about the weather. They will complain about their life, their finances, their kids, their partners, the economy and why it’s doom and gloom in the world of business.

These people seem to have developed a habit. They complain!

Most people complain about their life and how it never is where it should be. They tend to be the same people who do nothing about it. What they have mastered is the art of complaining. You may even have an intimate experience with this.

This habit is far from what a winner would do, want or need. This habit is of absolutely no value to you.

I’m notoriously known to be blunt amongst my circle of friends and clients to say something along the lines of ‘Stop complaining and do something about it’. Needless to say, I’m not the most loved guy in my circle, but as a Motivational Speaker I earn the respect of those who with time come to the true realization of what I mean.

So why do you complain? The reason you complain is because you know what you really can and should be doing, how you really can and should be living, how you really can and should have things, and yet you don’t. That is the reason you complain.

A client told me about a realization she had after one of our private executive public speaking training sessions. She said that when unhappy about any aspect of her life, she decided to ‘do something about it’. In the past she would simply complain and do nothing. She finally figured out that she would save herself so much time by simply doing what needs to be done, instead of just grumbling and complaining about it.

Your life is exactly where it should be. If you don’t like the result of your past actions, then do something about it. It’s in your control. Winners always realize where they are, and where they want to go. Instead of spending hours, days, months and years moaning and complaining, they get on with doing the things that will help them achieve what they desire.

Life favors those who do, not those who complain. Winners are doers. If you are unhappy with a situation, then do something about it.

Stop complaining and start doing.

Posted on April 7, 2016 in life, Motivation, winners

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