Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today, Your Mama And Appreciate The People Around You

Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today, Your Mama And Appreciate The People Around You

Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today, Your Mama And Appreciate The People Around You.  When did you last take the time to appreciate mom? Appreciate dad? Appreciate your teacher? Appreciate the people around?

You’d Be Nothing Without These People In Your Lives says Inspirational Keynote Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman.

The Man Inspiring Millions asks – When was the last time you said thank you momma for all that you do? When did you last say thank you daddy, thank you bro, thank you friend, thank you teacher, thank you coach? When was the last time you said thanks to a staff member, an employee or said thank you to a colleague?  For all the little things that they do for you that perhaps you take for granted. The Smile they share with u in the morning. The meal they prepare. The helping hand at work. Or simply being there whenever you need them.

We have so many people around us who do so many little things and far too often we don’t realize how much we are actually being supported in our day to day lives.  Appreciate the people in your life.  Thank your lucky stars that you have them.  Be thankful for all the supporters you have. Be thankful for your mama. Be thankful for your teachers.  Be thankful for those who help you every single day without you consciously realizing it.

You might ask, how to appreciate people around you?

Call and reach out to those who are in any little way contributing to your life. Say thank you.  It will feel good for you. And it would give them the much-needed appreciation.

Note from Kevin Abdulrahman: #thankyou to everyone who has even shared a laugh with me throughout my life time.  Thanks to you, I stand here today.

We wouldn’t be a fraction of who we are with them and yet we’re too busy to notice and acknowledge it. Pick up the phone and thank your mama. Call and thank your teacher today.

Thank you mama. Thank you daddy. You should thank your teacher. Thank anyone and everyone who does the smallest thing to make your day.  Be thankful.

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Posted on March 10, 2017 in appreciation, gratitude

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