Time waits… For no one.

What have I been doing?

Where did time ago?

How did this happen?


I can’t believe this!

I haven’t been over worked.

I hadn’t been inundated with urgent things to do

Sure I’ve been busy, but not as busy as the president.

A whole month?

These were a handful of a thousand thoughts that I felt were slapping my sense into taking notice of what just happened.

I couldn’t believe it. It is the 14th of the month.

30 whole days ago (and feeling like it was just last week) I told a bunch of friends that I would send a manuscript summary for an upcoming book.

In the midst of needing to do what I had chosen to be important (completing and sending through a summary manuscript), life just got in the way.   Let me refine it a little bit to be fair, distractions got in the way.  And if I was to be absolutely truthful, the fact is, I allowed for distractions to get in the way.

Events happen all the time, every hour of every day.  If we don’t pay attention to things that aren’t really important (at least not when we have a clear project or goal ahead of us), then they would be mere events.  We move on with absolute focus until we complete our set project.

Events only ever turn into Distractions, when we consciously and deliberately take our eyes of the ball.  I am deliberate in saying conscious, and very conscious of having used the word deliberate.  And I stand by what I say.

Take me for instance; I was clearly aware of what was important. I was conscious of it.  No excuses.

So when I am now staring down the ever so dark well of lost time, (an entire month that I will never get back), I consciously took my eyes of the ball (and yes my friends, when we admit this to ourselves we are swallowing a very bitter pill).

The best time for us all to have done something will always be some time in the past.  But there isn’t much we can do about the past except for own our mistakes, learn from them and ensure that we don’t swallow the same bitter pill again.

Now is as good as ever to a) regain focus on what you must get done and b) get on with it.

Do it.

Think of what you have been putting off? Going to the gym? Working on your very own manuscript? Updating your CV? Making those phone calls? Enrolling to that language course? Getting in front of people and pitching your idea? Setting up your business?

Don’t let another month, let alone another day slip you by.

In the words of one of Rolling Stones most memorable hits, “Time waits for no one”

It won’t wait for me. It won’t wait for you.

I have a manuscript to go and complete.

What do you need to do?

Go make it happen. Now!

I promise you, that I am logging out to do the same

Until we meet in person

Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

Kevin Abdulrahman

Posted on April 14, 2013 in Motivation

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