New to Selling? Here’s 3 Powerful Sales Tips

Sales used to be regarded for those who couldn’t do anything else.  It was seen as a job one picked up when options ran thin.  Today it’s all very different.  Everyone understands that they are in one way or another involved in sales. Dare I say it, the profession is beginning to be appreciated.

Without sales, there is no business.

Today selling is a highly coveted profession.

If you’re new to selling, the following tips are valuable principles that will help you in developing crucial skills necessary for successful sales in the modern corporate world:


  • Keep your Ears Open


If you want your sales to improve, you need to stand out by ‘being unique’.

Listen more. Talk less.

Introduce yourself when you meet a prospect buyer or client. After that, let you client talk.  Having heard out the client, you will be in a strong place to connect the dots.

You can accordingly adjust what it is you do and how you introduce your company or solution provided.


Let’s say you are in the “cashless payment” business and you meet someone at a business event.  You find out they are a café owner. Your angle could be, “We help café owners have a smooth and seamless point of service, whilst keeping their books 100% accurate. We should grab a coffee to discuss how we can help you”.


Note how much better this is than if you just talked your way through the conversation from the start by saying you are in the “cashless payment” business.


Speak, but only after you’ve listened.


  • Ask Questions


Giving someone respect and care is the best way to connect.

Nothing shows respect and care more than asking questions. Asking them genuinely and with interest.

Ask your client questions about the products and services they use.  What do they like? What do they dislike? What are their goals? What challenges are they facing? In an ideal world, how would they like things to be?

This will give you crucial insight about what the client likes, dislikes and values most important.  In addition, your client will ‘remember’ you, why? Because you actually showed enough care to not vomit your verbatim sales pitch without finding out what it is they need (and if they need it).

Instinctively you are also building rapport and trust.

Today’s customer is bombarded with sales people hammering their scripted message from every medium possible.

Not being one of them is a breath of fresh air.



  • Finding ‘Your’ Potential Clients


Get this. Not everyone will buy from you.

It’s a simple fact of this profession. But if you have followed the above two steps you will learn where and to whom you can call, sell and what is your target market. Targeting prospects lets you work smart.  You should develop an understanding of your prospective clients (and this comes with a bit of trial and error, getting experience under your belt and hours of toing and froing figuring it out).

Who would be interested in my product or service?

Which market has more potential for me?

Who are the types of people that have shown interest?

These questions will help you focus on a certain segment where your probability of sales is higher. And there by, profitability.
Ever been fishing? You don’t fish the entire ocean. You study and pick a spot.

Sales is no different. The best salespeople have worked out and are working their spot.
Find your spot.

Until we meet in person,

Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

Posted on November 17, 2015 in Sales Success

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