Motivational Speaker in Beirut Lebanon

Motivational Speaker in Beirut, Lebanon

Motivational Speaker in Beirut Lebanon, Kevin Abdulrahman

Lebanon’s top motivational keynote speaker is Kevin Abdulrahman.  When companies want to have a memorable and successful business event or conference in Beirut, they call for one man.  The Man Inspiring Millions.

Beirut is happening. You want a ‘happening’ motivational speaker.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a leadership speaker, sales trainer, public speaking coach and a top motivational speaker. He believes that Lebanon has massive potential in the Middle East’s/Levant economic development.

Motivational Speaker in Lebanon

Beirut’s Best Motivational Speaker


Lebanon’s top sales motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman



Lebanon is a culturally rich country covering an area of 10,452sq-km located in the Western Asia. It’s one of the most modern and educated country in whole of Middle East.  Prior to the civil war, and to this very day even, Lebanon is endearingly referred to as ‘The Paris of Middle East’.  It’s fast recovering that same reputation.

Kevin Abdulrahman has trained numerous corporate leaders on sales, public speaking, leadership, communications skills and motivation. If you are scheduling a business meeting or conference at the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Phoneica Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Beirut or any other business and convention center in Beirut, Lebanon, hire Kevin Abdulrahman as the Keynote Speaker to energize, educate and empower your people towards the outcome you desire.

As a motivational speaker of the highest level, Kevin Abdulrahman’s aim is to always induce, stimulate, enthuse and excite people to actually enjoy taking actions towards their business objectives.

Action is the key to success, but all of us need motivation.  That’s where Kevin Abdulrahman, a renowned conference speaker comes in to fire your audience up.

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Beirut Leading Conference and Meeting Facilities

  • Le Gray Beirut
  • Gefinor Rotana Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza Beirut Raouche
  • The Smallville Hotel
  • Le Patio Boutique Hotel
  • Lancaster Plaza Beirut
  • Riviera Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel
  • Other exciting conference places in Lebanon


General Information about Beirut, Lebanon


You have to be here! Lebanon and specially Beirut is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the Middle East. Millions of people visit every year to enjoy the sights, foods and unique cultural heritage of this region. Here is where the real East meets West!

Beirut is the largest and main seaport of Lebanon.  It’s also the capital and the business center of this country. The Beirut Central District also known as Centre Ville is the commercial, administrative and financial hub of Lebanon.  Many international banks and corporations now have offices here. Lebanon has good investment opportunities, and with rapidly improving infrastructure it’s becoming a paradise for business ventures.

With every growing business, comes the need to inspire, educate and drive the team.  That’s where a top motivational and leadership speaker like Kevin Abdulrahman comes in.


Food, Entertainment and Leisure in Lebanon


If you are here, you are in the ‘Party Capital of Middle East.’ Nowhere in the world will you see such unique blend of east and west. Imagine skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.  This can only be done in Lebanon because of its unique geography. The country has four ski resorts, in addition you can go climbing, swimming, rafting, sailing, canoeing, cycling and caving.  And if you love football, the Lebanese people are always up for a friendly match.

The people are known globally for their hospitality.  Anyone who visits Lebanon is bound to make at least one life long friend. The food is also quite famous and delicious. Every dish is bound to have fresh olive oil, and people here prefer baked or grilled dishes.

Seafood, whole grains, vegetables and fruits are important part of the Lebanese cuisine.


Past Business Conventions and Exhibitions in Lebanon:


Lebanon is fast becoming the biggest exporter of Gold, precious metal jewelry and diamonds in Middle East.  Every year Lebanon hosts many seminars, exhibitions and business conventions, some of those events have been highlighted:

  • GEW Lebanon 2015 – Global Entrepreneurship
  • Ecological Restoration in the Mediterranean region- Challenges and Opportunities
  • Security Middle East Show
  • The 6th International Trade Exhibition for Power and Environmental Technologies
  • Horeca Lebanon
  • Weaving the Sea Exhibition
  • DREAM 2015
  • The Islamic Art Exhibition
  • Presentation Skills – NLP Dynamics
  • Recruitment Skills Workshop
  • Pilingtech Beirut


Get Kevin Abdulrahman as your motivational keynote speaker in Beirut and have your audience Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!

Beirut Motivational Speaker


Sightseeing in Lebanon
Besides attending business conferences and listening to motivational keynotes, you and your people will enjoy the rich culture of Lebanon, especially Beirut’s nightlife. Some of the must-visit places are National Museum of Beirut, Zaintunay bay, the Corniche, Pigeon rocks in Raouche, Roman baths, Saifi Village and Beirut Art Center. The party scene is really exciting.

You can also select from the many city and food tours.

You just can’t get enough of Lebanon!


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