FAQ of our Motivational Leadership Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman

We thought we would share with you some of the FAQs we receive for our motivational leadership speaker in order to better help and speed the process when discussing your requirements.

How can Kevin Abdulrahman impact my group? 

The best way to find out is to give us a call or shoot us an email.  Kevin Abdulrahman likes to take a hands-on approach and once our team establishes your needs, we will arrange to Kevin Abdulrahman speak with you, your management or conference committee to ensure a powerful and winning solution is proposed.

What topics does Kevin Abdulrahman speak on?

As motivational leadership speaker and mind nutrition expert, Kevin Abdulrahman speaks on a range of topics that revolve helping groups attain a winning mind, instilling in them the inspiration to act, and equipping them with the tools needed to achieve and surpass the desired goals.

Courses, Trainings, Keynotes, Workshops or Events?

Whether you require a tailor made course, or desire a keynote speech to be delivered by a top motivational leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman creates and delivers specific and fitting content from his suite of over 300 training modules that he’s cultivated over the years.




Any samples of  topics that Kevin Abdulrahman delivers?

A small sample of some of the most requested speaking headlines include

Leadership Today

Motivation & Empowerment

Beyond The Crisis

Creating a Winning Culture

Accepting, Anticipating & Adapting to Change

Dealing with Failures

Developing High Performing Teams

Attaining A Winning Mind

Work-Life Balance

Self Confidence & Morale Building

Creativity & Innovation

Effective Communication

Presenting with Power

Public Speaking Coaching

Mastering Body Language

Effective Time Management, Productivity & Peak Performance

Sales Management- Selling Like A Pro

From Stress to Success

Can Kevin Abdulrahman deliver our specific message?

We often find that depending on the time of year and events that take place around the world, a pre-organized theme tends to already be finalized on.

Certain topics continue to be of demand.

Based on your theme and requirements, Kevin Abdulrahman will weave your message in to his speaking in a combination of a direct and in direct ways.

How long can Kevin Abdulrahman present for?

Whether it is a 60 minute leadership keynote speech, half day workshop, full day seminar or a week long boot camp, do advise us of your needs and we will create a solution fit for your requirements

Based on your resources, planning and availability, Kevin Abdulrahman is a motivational leadership speaker who will work towards helping you achieve your desired outcome with your group

What are Kevin Abdulrahman’s fees?

As an international brand and a top motivational leadership speaker, Kevin Abdulrahman’s fees are in line with other famous motivational speakers.  Depending on your requirements and the frequency of engagements with your group, our office will happily work with you towards attaining a winning and a value for money proposition.

Will Kevin Abdulrahman stay for our entire event?

Kevin Abdulrahman is a Motivational Leadership who does more than just turn, speak and leave that will happily mingle with your audience (unless of course he has a flight to catch).

Kevin Abdulrahman ensures he delivers to you the highest value possible, Everytime!

So if you would like to have a book signing setup for your attendees, hold photo sessions with VIP guests, make dinner arrangements for a specific groups, or have your motivational leadership speaker be present before, after or throughout your event, then (should his travel schedule allow), Kevin Abdulrahman will be most accommodating.

Can we book Kevin Abdulrahman for a specific date for our event?

Please make your request to book Kevin Abdulrahman by going on to Motivational Leadership Speaker Booking

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