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Imagine having a world class MC for your event in Dubai?

Imagine having an Emcee that brought life to the message you want shared with your audience?

Imagine having a professional presenter that will engage your audience?

Imagine having a moderator with excellent communication skills, a strong command of the English language and astute understanding of the world of business?

Now you can.

Celebrity speaker, MC and host Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers.

He is now available to host, moderate, present, engage and entertain your audience in Dubai.

Do you have a business conference coming up?  Let’s talk.

Dubai – a breathtaking view of the city



Your event deserves to be breath taking.  Kevin Abdulrahman will help you with that


MC in Dubai

Here’s what you don’t want?  A parrot that’s just reading a script.

You want a master of ceremonies, moderator, or presenter that is commanding in his communication skills.  You want an experienced Emcee that knows how to bring life to your event.

Kevin Abdulrahman is a public speaking coach to some of the world’s most powerful personalities.  He teaches them how to speak effectively to large audiences.

His book 60 Minutes To Better Public Speaking has been published in 30+ languages.

Yes this means he is rather verse at knowing how to work a crowd and ensure that your intended message is delivered to your audience.

Commanding and Compelling.

Engaging and Entertaining. 

Powerful and Punchy. 

Holding an event in Dubai?

Your crowd will be pleased to have Kevin Abdulrahman as their Emcee.

So will you.


Moderator in Dubai

Choosing the right moderator is critical for success of your conference and event.

Our expert moderator has the experience of working with, coaching and engaging with some of the world’s most powerful personalities around the world.  This level of experience and comfort allows Kevin Abdulrahman to focus on achieving the best results by knowing how to start, stop, converse, flow, shuffle and be in control of a moderation.

An audience of customers, employees, CEOs, thought leaders, or government heads, Kevin Abdulrahman is a charismatic moderator who will ensure

When your client demands to have a successful conference in Dubai, they will demand to have a world class moderator.  Call for Kevin Abdulrahman.

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Are you in need of a forum moderator?

Do you want a professional to chair your panelists?


Presenter/Host in Dubai

Is success critical for you?

From celebrity interviews to economic, political or educational conferences, our presenter and host Kevin Abdulrahman has you covered.

His middle eastern roots, western upbringing and years of experience speaking across five continents means Kevin Abdulrahman has the face, voice and style that connects with the multicultural audience in Dubai.


First time holding an event in Dubai?

Dubai has become the center of the world.

Everybody from every corner of the globe is talking about this amazing city.

Countless conferences, events, forums, product launches, world firsts take place in this beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates.

Soon to take over as the world’s busiest airport, the new Maktoum International Airport will have a passenger capacity of up to 200 Million people per year.

This is means a lot of people.  And whole lot more events, conferences, forums and requirements to have a trust Emcee and Host that can ensure you guaranteed success.

You can learn more about Dubai – http://www.dubai.ae/en/aboutdubai/Pages/DubaiEconomy.aspx


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Our team can handle the logistical aspects of having Kevin Abdulrahman for your event.
We take care of the A to Z, so you can focus on your event.


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