Deflating the stress of goals and dreams.


Everyone has been told that, to achieve results, you must have goals and dreams.

So, goals and dreams are drawn up in the mind, and written.

You are told to dream big, to achieve greatness, that we can do anything we set our mind on.

And you can.

As with achieving any goal, there are many steps to take, twists and turns to expect, a roller coaster of ups and downs, twists and turns, the journey is long.  Well at least, longer than we all would like.

The path to success is tough.

There are many moving parts.

The thought of starting is overwhelming.

The persistence to hang to achieve your goal rare quality.  To start, even rarer.

So much to do. Such little time. A trillion things to juggle, and only a certain bandwidth of mind power.

Like in most cases, nothing gets done.

The key to goal achievement is simple.

Do one thing.

That’s it.

No magic code, formulas or potions to turn you into a super human achiever.

Want to become a blogger with a large following? Start out with doing a blog. One blog at a time.

Want to have a great body? Start going to the gym.  One day at a time.

Want to become an expert on a subject matter? Find out the best book on the subject and start reading.  One book at a time.

Want to start your own business? Think of a name, and register your business. One step at a time.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Correction, it won’t be perfect.  But the key is to get going.

One step at a time. One thing at a time. One block at a time.

Over time, your steps add up.

It’s that simple.

Success is simple, when you do one thing at a time.


Until we meet in person,

Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!

Kevin Abdulrahman

Posted on September 20, 2015 in life, Motivation

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