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We Did It. Barcelona Wins PSG 6-1 Patriots Win Super Bowl 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers Championship 2016

We Did It. Barcelona Wins PSG 6-1 Patriots Win Super Bowl 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers Championship 2016 Barcelona recently Won against PSG 6-1. What a Game. They came from behind. The excitement. The thriller moments. The Cleveland Cavs won beat The Golden State Warriors to become 2016 NBA Championship and be declared as Champions. If you’re…

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What Are You Waiting For?

Bahrain’s Top Motivational Speaker Has Something To Ask You What Are You Waiting For? Who Are You Waiting For? You will miss life if you’re standing there waiting. I hope this video gets you off your ass and into beast mode. You’re welcome 🙂

A Rule In The Game Of Life

Oman’s top motivational Speaker Was On A Serious Note. Life Is A Game. Here’s A Rule To Follow Either Choose To Be Average, Or Go All Out.

It’s Gonna Be Alright

It’s Gonna Be Alright. How Do I know? Watch the video 🙂

From Heart Ache to Feeling Light – Two Words

Qatar’s Leading Motivational Speaker had this to say What if there was a way that you could take all the problems and burdens away? A way to help ease your mind. A way to help you calm down and allow you to think. A way to help you feel lighter. Well, I’ve been through the…

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Why is it important for you to know your purpose?

In my first book Winning The Game Of Life I mentioned that most people spend more time doing their hair or planning their summer holidays than actually planning their lives. As part of the planning requisite, you must ask and understand the answer to the question, ‘what is your purpose’? Why is it important for…

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All You Need is a Little Bit

Winners are known for the fact that they will go that extra mile; they will make that extra call, do an extra round on the circuit. Whatever the masses will do, winners always put in that little extra. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a little bit more. Winners (extraordinary people) are simply…

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168 Whole Hours in Every Week

Did I just state the obvious? I can just imagine some of you working out what 24 hours in a day multiplied by 7 days a week is. Yes you have 168 hours in a week. I’ve triple checked it. Time is a great equalizer amongst us all, yet winners seem to be able to…

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Is Knowledge Power?

If knowledge was power, then how come people who are less knowledgeable, less skilled, and even far less talented than you become winners? I’m sure that you have friends who are encyclopedias of information. They can tell you everything about anything. Some have great skills, or are even naturally talented, and yet their results are…

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