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Are The Best Things In Life Free?

Time and time again we feel that the best things in life are not free. We need a reminder. And perhaps a laugh (Watch the epic fail that could only have done by a world class motivational speaker did in Slovenija) – the talented Kevin Abdulrahman (lol)

Two words. One letter sets them apart

Motivational Success Speaker talks about Two words. One Letter Sets Them An Ocean Apart

Start Early says Dubai Motivational Speaker

Do you want to have what successful people have? Here’s a reality you have to accept. Start Early. Finish Late.

You Just Don’t Stop

It had been a few months since we had last spoke.  I picked my usual drink and ushered myself to one of the seats at this cafe with a bunch of newspapers to skim through.  The barista was finishing off his lunch break when noticed one another.  He came over and I asked him how…

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