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A Rule In The Game Of Life

Oman’s top motivational Speaker Was On A Serious Note. Life Is A Game. Here’s A Rule To Follow Either Choose To Be Average, Or Go All Out.

It’s Gonna Be Alright

It’s Gonna Be Alright. How Do I know? Watch the video 🙂

Motivational Speaker says “You’re Never Alone”

Whether you are facing the frustration of failure, or enjoying soaring success, Understand this… Share if you feel it 🙂 Kevin Abdulrahman ‘The Man Inspiring Millions’ Motivational Speaker to Fortune 500 companies and Leading governments

New to Selling? Here’s 3 Powerful Sales Tips

Sales used to be regarded for those who couldn’t do anything else.  It was seen as a job one picked up when options ran thin.  Today it’s all very different.  Everyone understands that they are in one way or another involved in sales. Dare I say it, the profession is beginning to be appreciated. Without…

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