10 Tips for the Entrepreneur in you- part 2

I hope that you enjoyed Part 1 of this post.

The 10 tips for the entrepreneur in you was put together after a bit of research and chit chat with many successful business leaders, all of whom had mentioned variations of these points on the quest to enhance your entrepreneurship skills and boost your business.

But remember, nothing is possible without action.

Here is the second part with the final five tips to further polish your entrepreneurship skills.


  1. Know and Set Goals


It is important to identify clear objectives.

The final goal is made up of several mini-goals or objectives. All of which you need to clearly highlight.

What are the sequence of steps to follow?

Define a path.

This doesn’t mean that you are obligated to follow the same path no matter what.  Once you start accomplishing goals you may have to revise things along the way.

But having a sense of direction helps you focus on the journey ahead.



  1. Build Teams


It goes without saying that a business can’t succeed without an effective team. Be a leader and bond with your team member on a deeper level so that they understand what you hope to achieve.

Help your people see what you see.  Share with them a visual journey and the value each member brings to the table.

Be open to their input and feedback. They need to feel heard.

Once you have a group who are focused, determined and bought into a unified vision, you become unstoppable.


  1. Knowing Your Clients


Great leaders will tell you that your customers and market is key to success. Keep in touch with your existing and potential clients.

Talk to them. Listen to them.  It will enable you to modify your product or service according to their needs.

There is no business without customers.  You must have your pulse on the market and ensure you are delivering on what the customer wants (not the opposite, like many make the mistake of doing).


  1. Feed off Feedback


Your unsatisfied clients are your greatest source of development and learning.

Most entrepreneurs avoid negative feedback but the fact is that it’s a great way of getting sharper, smoother and smarter.

You can measure the success of your brand, find out what is working and what’s not, and even find commonalities and inefficiencies in your business.

Feed off feedback to improve no what you are delivering. Be open and ask clients about where you lack.  Doing so, will also build a deeper level of trust.  Now they will feel involved and a part of what you are building.  A family of raving fans.

  1. Deliver More. Add Value


The last and probably the most important tip that will make you stand out is to offer value.

Take a look at Elon Musk, his EV brand Tesla offers features that no other car manufactured offered before. He saw the gap, filled it and now TESLA sales are soaring.

Whatever your job, product or business, always deliver more than expected and look for gaps in the market. Areas that are under served. Areas that you can feed those hungry and waiting.  You can move in and add value taking your business and brand to new heights.

Until we meet in person,

Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!


Posted on November 11, 2015 in Business success, entrepreneurship

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