10 Tips for the Entrepreneur in you – Part 1


The scenario of the traditional workplace is dramatically changing.

An astonishing number of people now believe that running their own business gives them freedom and the ability to build a start-up based on their values.

There are lots of success stories of people who decided to start their own business, faced huge challenges, fell down many times, stood up every time and finally became successful.

Many people are confused about the true meaning of Entrepreneurship.

The general conception is that entrepreneurs are people who start their own business.

In reality entrepreneurship is actually a ‘mind-set.’ If you are a manager or director of a firm you can still adopt the entrepreneur’s mind-set.

Let’s look at the definition of the words to get a clear idea.

Entrepreneurship is the enthusiasm and willingness to organize, develop and manage a business, and the ability to take risks which make up the integral part of this word.

Entrepreneurs are go-getters, leaders, inventors and innovators. They have the courage to come up with new and innovative ideas that can promote the growth of their business.

Whether you have started a business or are working for an organization in any capacity, the following tips will enable you to adopt the ‘Entrepreneurship Mind-Set’:


  • Take on Challenges


Many people are afraid to learn, take risks and challenge themselves on a daily basis. You have to be willing to see and accept challenges that can boost your business.


Decide today that you want to learn something new every day by taking on unique challenges that will help you grow. The more challenges you take on, the more experienced and courageous you become.

  • Overcome the Fear of Failure


We are all afraid of failing. It’s natural.


But do you know the secret of great entrepreneurs? They come to terms with the fact the failure in inevitable.  It is the only way to learn something new. You don’t learn from your successes, you learn from your failures.


Success is made up of multiple failures.
Remember how you learned to ride a bike? You must have fallen a solid five to ten times before you understood the dynamics of riding a bike. Adopt this attitude and you will see that things will get easier for you.


  • Believe in yourself


You need to believe in yourself and your idea, business or product. It all starts with having a strong and solid belief-system.


Self-belief is a learnable skill.  Whenever doubt creeps under your skin, replace it with positive affirmations like ‘I can do this’ or ‘I will succeed.’ You need to create a powerful vision of yourself in order to increase your self-belief.  Heck, if you have to beat your chest a few times and scream (make sure you are alone), then go ahead.


There will be difficult times.  You will be tested by people and circumstances. But you need to keep a positive outlook on life and business.  You can do it. Believe that.


  • Take Action


Movement in the direction of your goals is vital.


What was mentioned above only come into effect when you take ‘action.’ Remember that just about everyone has an idea but it’s only those who take action can turn an idea into reality.  On a daily basis take action towards your goal, no matter how small.


Taking action increases your confidence, motivation and ultimately is one step closer to your objective.


What are you waiting for?
Start doing.


  • Do The Time


Successful people know this, there is no such thing as an ‘overnight success.’


People do not succeed immediately.  Success comes with cumulating appropriate actions over time.  You could get to your goal in 6 weeks, but it can take 6 years.  Either way, you have to be willing to do the time.


You must be committed. You must have patience.  But never stop doing.


You will get there, eventually.


Stay connected for second part of the 10 Tips for the Entrepreneur in you.


Until we meet in person,


Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!!


Kevin Abdulrahman



Posted on November 9, 2015 in Business success, entrepreneurship

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